Daily Archives: Wednesday, 23-Jan-2002

Here’s a standard that I want to work on, Emotitext. Really. That’s my message forum. How often do you see people using <sarcasm/> tags in online discussions? Well, I want to develop a few CSS classes for this. The problem I have is envisioning the attributes that need to go with the different classes. I think it’s something that could catch on if their were standard class names and certain default attributes for those classes. Well, not all standards have to be serious. Do they?

A thread going on over at Flutterby involving theology and Christianity has Dori asking about sects that believe both faith and works are required to enter heaven. Petronius gives a great answer:

You’re asking the wrong question. If you believe, good works are not necessary. They are inevitable.

Very rarely do I find even Christians that understand this concept.

I can’t really think of a thing about me that I would just want to keep secret from anyone else. I live a pretty boring, plain vanilla life. Still, just because I’ve got nothing to hide that doesn’t mean that I think it is alright for people to just have that information. That goes for the government, too. Even if they want to tell me the information they collect on me is going to be safe and secure with them that doesn’t mean that I think that gives them the right to compel me to give that information to them. Someone at the The Washington Times feels the same way.

Just because it may not hurt for someone to have certain information it doesn’t mean that they are automatically entitled to it. Just say no to the National ID or anything else resembling it.