Daily Archives: Thursday, 24-Jan-2002

I like detective stories so this story about a stolen iMac recovered by scripting was a very interesting read for me.

Well, it’s more awards time. Now it’s the Second Annual Weblog Awards or the Bloggies. I guess it shows how far out of the loop I am because I don’t read any of the ones nominated on anywhere near a regular basis.

I guess I need to make a list of the ones I read regularly like everyone else does, more than just the little page with the RSS feeds, but I never figured people would be all that interested in who was on my list. I guess the authors of those ‘Blogs would probably appreciate just knowing that they are read and appreciated. Those of you who know I read their ‘blogs, like Dan, Shelley, Tom and Dori please know that I appreciate you very much for what you are doing. I’ll get my list up to let the rest of you know by Monday. Right now I’ve got to replace a water heater.