Daily Archives: Friday, 25-Jan-2002

Mark has gone through a loss. I’m not sure who he is speaking about but it appears to be someone very close. Having just lost my mother, I feel for him.

Dave has a neat little piece of software called Radio. I’ve played around with it and it has a bunch of very nice features and for a lot of people it will make an excellent tool for ‘blogging. I’m still interested in rolling my own CMS so I’m going to stay where I am for now until I get the scripts put together I need.

Still, there’s this coffee mug that Dave is using for a logo for Radio and I want one. The trouble is that I don’t think they exist anywhere but in an image file. Dave, you’re missing a market here. The fellows over at QuickTees can put this image on however many coffee cups you want at a decent price. I’m tempted just to take the logo over there and have one made just for me. Or maybe I’ll have some made up with my journal’s logo on it.

It was raining fairly hard yesterday afternoon when I left my office heading home so I decided not to purchase the water heater and haul it home in the bed of my pickup. No sense spending a couple of hundred dollars on something and then haul it around in the rain. Is there? Anyway, since I didn’t have to install the water heater I went ahead and added my bookmarks for weblogs I read regularly to the bottom of the right side bar. Look over there —>

One thing I noticed was that lake effect: a weblog is down and the name can’t be resolved. I like reading Dan’s take on things so I hope this is only temporary.