Daily Archives: Thursday, 31-Jan-2002

Doing a ‘Dave’

Shelley thought about something she posted after a comment was left by a reader and pulled it. I didn’t catch what it was she wrote but I tend to agree with her on why she pulled it. Some things need to be agitated and some things just need to let settle. In the comments here at Burningbird ‘D’ doesn’t seem to think she should pull something after posting it because it goes against her credibility. I don’t quite see it that way. I find Shelley much more credible for pulling one of her articles that really didn’t need to be ‘blogged in the first place than I would if she had just left something there that wasn’t worth my time reading.

Writer’s will write about everything. They can’t help it, it’s what makes them writers. Because of that some of the stuff they write is of no value to anyone but themselves. Oh, they turn out some beautiful stuff but along the way they also turn out some stuff that is just spillage. The editors protect us from most of the spillage on large sites but on these weblogs and journals the writers are also the editors. It’s difficult for a writer to even cull the spillage at times. Shelley’s doing a pretty good job of that but her weblog is being produced in front of us. We are watching her at her craft and as she corrects her errors as she goes.

If you want to see only a finished product, ‘D’, read only yesterday’s posts. Those have been corrected. Today’s stuff is still being formed. That goes, not just for Burningbird but for weblogs in general. Oh, there are many of us that just leave the spillage there for everyone to see but the interesting ones are either posted to only after all editing has been done or you see the editing take place live. That’s just the nature of the genre.

Blogger Pro

I just upgraded to Blogger Pro. I would have given $35 a year for the service as I was using it but there are some features that I like. The blogging by email is one of them. Maybe some of the thoughts I have sitting at a lunch counter will find their way here through my PDA.

<edit>Okay, the post by email is a future feature so it will be a little bit before I can use that feature, but I’ve implemented the subject field. It makes my RSS file a little cleaner.</edit>