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About that CNN Poll finding that Muslims call the U.S. ruthless, arrogant

A lot is being said about that CNN Poll regarding Muslim attitudes toward the US so I thought I’d add my 2¢ worth to the fray. We cannot allow our policy to be shaped by any poll like this, our policy must be shaped on what our beliefs of right and wrong. If we are doing wrong then it is time to change our policy. If we are doing right then no amount of pressure should cause us to change. Now I’m not saying that we are doing either right or wrong, I’m just saying that we place too much attention on what is being said by people who are not completely objective and too little attention on doing what’s right.

Thank you for your indulgence on this. I had to get that off my chest.

Intel backs consumers over Hollywood

Dan Gilmore reports on Intel’s split with Hollywood over control of technological innovation. I’ve got to agree with most of the article but one bit of analysis, in my opinion is a little off:

In a world where digital content can be copied and then zapped around fast networks, the entertainment companies see every person with a personal computer and network connection as a potential thief.

I don’t think entertainment companies see every person with a personal computer and network as a potential theif, I think the entertainment companies view them as a potential competitor.

Nashville Law Firm Seeks Clients With Dead Loved Ones Stacked Up in Noble.

Nashville attorneys Charles Barrett and Marshall Smith in a fantastic display of ghoulishness and greed placed a display ad in the Chattanooga Times Free Press seeking victims of the Tri-State Crematory.

If you or your family has been adversely affected by the practices recently discovered at the Tri-State Creamatorium, you may have certain legal rights which we can help you pursue.”

It seems that Barrett and company just wanted to be leaders in the fray. And the legal community wonders why such disparaging terms like “leech” and “parasite” and “vermin” are used to describe them.

Building a website for

My son plays inline hockey. I’ve been helping with the organization of their league. There are a couple of graphic designers that are also helping in the effort. I’ve found that there is a huge difference between having an artistic eye and having the technical knowledge to turn it into a webpage. There are a ton of things I would like to do with the website that would make it work well but would render it impossible for anyone else in the league to maintain. With my looming departure from Chattanooga that sort of limits me to sticking with what can be easily maintained by a couple of good graphic designers who don’t know beans about HTML other than how to use Frontpage or Pagemill.

Here’s two things I want to accomplish:

  1. Make it easy to update the news by the appropriate board members.
  2. Manage and maintain game stats online for the league

I’ve accomplished number one by using Blogger. I’m coming to y’all with the second one for ideas. Yeah, I can use PHP/MySQL to handle this fairly easily but I need to do it in a way that I can step away from it in a few months and allow the league to continue using and maintaining it without total reliance on me. Is there a solution out there for me or am I going to have to roll this one myself? Your Wish List

I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided to ease out from behind my psuedonym. I’m making too many friends through this journal to stay cloaked the way that I have. I’m too well known as Justin Thyme here and other places online to do away with this persona but I don’t want people to think I’m trying to deceive anyone either. I figured one of the better ways of doing it would be to publish my Amazon wish list. ;-)

Brent Marsh Faces Over 100 New Charges

Brent Marsh, the fellow that ran the Tri-State Crematory, is facing 120 more charges of theft by deception after having a $100,000 bond set for him Tuesday morning. It seems that the prosecutors are trickling in the charges to ensure that Mr. Marsh remains in jail for as long as possible prior to his trial regardless of what bail is set.

Now, I’ve got no doubts that Marsh is absolutely guilty of these charges, some things are just that cut and dry, and when he is found guilty by a court of law I hope he serves his sentences consecutively, this has been an unbelievable hardship on more people than can be imagined, but this seems to me to be skirting the intent of the 8th amendment. Doesn’t it?

Bail is not meant to punish, it is meant to ensure that a person appears in court. The judge in this case estimated the cost it would take to prevent Mr. Marsh from fleeing at $25,000 the first time around and at $100,000 the second time. The judge had to know, from all reports that additional charges would be filed and that this thing was only going to get worse and worse. If the judge thought that Mr. Marsh was in any way a flight risk he should have denied bond. Those amendments are there for a reason.

Google Link

I was making my rounds through my morning reads and reread something that caught my eye at a couple of mornings ago. “Hey, not only is that neat but it would be simple to implement”, I thought. So if you click on the “Check Google” link on each entry you will get a Google search on the entry subject.

My pic

Shelley’s wanting pictures. She posted one of her, here’s one of me. Yeah, what hair hasn’t turned loose has turned grey. The picture was taken by a friend at a little Irish pub that recently opened in downtown Chattanooga.

Just a reminder

Blogger Pro has a feature for posting a ‘blog entry and having it wait to be published until sometime in the future. I wanted to check this out so I thought I would do so with this message:

Shelley get back to work on that book!

There, I’ve taken care of that reminder.

20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes

I told a story over at Shelley’s ‘blog about serving as a youth counselor for my church on a weeklong trip to the beach. I made a kite out of an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper that was a huge hit with the kids. I was just looking for a distraction for a few of them but I ended up with about a dozen of them making and flying their own kites. The instructions are very easy to follow and these little kites will really fly. I would have had a blast just flying mine all by myself. Just remember, the tail is very important.

Movies Get Framed (

Jack Valenti explains why we don’t have HBO delivered over the internet. It’s a fairly decent article and Mr. Valenti gives some pretty good answers from his perspective. Some things he is saying bothers me, though. For instance, when he says:

It is a charge issued only by those who have a blurred knowledge of the financial fragility of the film industry. Because making movies is so expensive, only two in 10 films ever retrieve their production and marketing investment from domestic theatrical exhibition. Distributors have to use other venues — delivery systems such as cable, satellite, TV stations, videocassettes, DVDs, international markets.

I’ve got to ask myself if maybe the reason for this is exorbitant production costs. But I’ve got to give him that domestic theatrical exhibitions should not be the only revenue stream available to the producers. Those producers have every right to protect their copyright for a limited time. (U.S. Constitution, Article 7, Section 8 ) Where I have a problem is in the way Mr. Valenti suggest that these rights must be protected.

Computer and video-device companies need to sit at the table with the movie industry. Together, in good-faith talks, they must agree on the ingredients for creating strong protection for copyrighted films and then swiftly implement that agreement to make it an Internet reality. Without concord, one option is left: Congress must step in to protect valuable creative works on the Net and thereby benefit consumers by giving them another choice for movie viewing.

My question is, “Where does the independent and amateur film makers fit into this picture?” Mr. Valenti seems to believe that the major players, the movie industry is the only group in need of protection. My belief is that with the equipment getting cheaper and available to the masses that Mr. Valenti’s fears are more over losing control of distribution channels than preventing the illegal copy of DVDs.

Think about this for a minute. Production costs of movies should be dropping like a stone since equipment costs are dropping so much and getting simpler and simpler to operate. If broadband were used for the distribution method of these movies one would think that distribution costs would also drop. One might also think that distribution methods would start to be within the reach of the independent and amateur film makers, just as production equipment has come into their reach. Just like I’m now able to reach out to you with my little weblog here. If independent and amateur film makers can reach you on their own, what good is Mr. Valenti?

I don’t know about you but under these circumstances, if I was Mr. Valenti I think I would be looking for a way to reintroduce a bit of complication into this mix, a way to make the members of my Motion Picture Association… relevent.

Justin’s Journal

The content may be a little stale here for the next couple of days, unless something real interesting occurs or I get some kind of idea I’ve just got to write down. I’m hveing some problems with my right hand that seems to be exacerbated by using a mouse and keyboard. I think I need to lay off for a few more days and see if I can’t get it to heal before it becomes something serious. I needed to be spending a little more time on the road developing business anyway.

In the lull I’m going to attempt to grab some pictures of Chattanooga that most people don’t get to see to place on this site.