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Alright, let me see if I can get all this straight.Dave says there is too much overhead in C# when writing web services. Christian disagrees saying it isn’t overhead, those are necessary statements. He goes on to defend his disagreement with Dave using this statement:

To get down to that machine code, use the most fitting tools of the trade that suit the problem you’re facing. It might look very hard to write a “Hello world” routine in C#, Java or even Assembler and expose that as a Web Service. On the other hand, it might look very hard to write a Pascal-Compiler in UserTalk, PHP or Python and expose that as a Web Service.

Which is the point Dave seemed to be attempting to make in the first place. Using programming languages instead of scripting languages for most webservices is not productive because of all the overhead. Just because the overhead is necessary doesn’t negate the fact that it is still overhead.

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