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If you get on the email subscription list for this Journal the email will be sent in HTML format. Right now, it doesn’t look like there is any control by the user over that. Yeah, I hate HTML email also but at least this isn’t real gaudy and that brings me to another point.

I also don’t seem to have a way to control the template being used to generate the email message. The biggest aggrevation from this right now is that I used my real name to create my Blogger account and used my nickname in all my “posted by’s”. The emails go out with posted by assigned to my Real Name®.

I really don’t mind y’all knowing my real name if you are interested enough in my journal to subscribe to it, but it’s just the principle of not having control over that that is bothering me. I started using the name Justin Thyme a few years ago in a message forum that I was a little hesitant to join. Then when I started playing with Blogger a little over a year ago I plugged it in on a lark. Then I got hooked.

I may also set this up to post comments to the mailing list. What do you think? It might be a way to further some of the discussions.

4 thoughts on “More on Journal Subscriptions

  1. Neal

    .the reason the bee site has you linked from + a message to the annoying emailers.

    ilovebees is a mystery website with clues in it to reveal something to do with the result of the countdown timer on its main page. it obviously has somthign to do with the halo 2 game becuase it was put on a trailer for it. this websites URL is part of a clue because it is grouped with about 5 other websites that have somthing in common with each other. the common thing for this website along with many others is that they all mention “nicknames”, i dont know the solution to the whole mystery but am working on it, all i have to do is peice together the rest of the groups tohopefully get a story or somthing.


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