Wireless Devices aim to cut visitor waits at Six Flags

Via Meryl. I saw these things being used at Six Flags over Georgia this past summer while I was there with my family. They were pretty cool but they were all checked out and being used before I was able to get one for us to use. The article pointed out

Analyst Alan Reiter, principal of Wireless Internet and Mobile Computing in Chevy Chase, Maryland, called the concept a good one but cautioned that while the convenience for customers is a good thing, he’s not sure that the average middle-class family will pay a $10-per-person premium to cut their wait in line.

But I’m not sure this analyst is in touch with the average middle-class family. I know it would have been worth an extra $10 to me and my family to have been free of those lines.

Personally, I think this is a wonderful use of wireless technology to make my life better. It’s good to see actual useful wireless applications being thought of. Mark Pilgrim pointed to a Business Week article dissing wireless technologies vision and, for the most part, I have to agree with it. Still I’m optomistic about the potential for wireless.

We are still looking at the infancy of this technology. Marketers will offer novelty devices of very little value at first but a few of these novelties will have a spark of genius and usefulness. These gimmicks will spark some demand for the parts to build the devices which will get the ball rolling in reducing the cost of building wireless solutions. Little by little real vision will jump into the mix and it won’t be long before we’ll wonder how we ever got along before wireless.

Of course at that point everyone as Six Flags will be using the Q-bots and maybe that will make the lines short enough so that I won’t have to invest in one.

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