Ex-Enron CEO Lay invokes Fifth – Feb. 12, 2002

My buddy, Dan is bored and he is apologizing for not supplying links. Well, Dan you supplied this link that I found interesting. Yeah, I know, it’s a top story everywhere today, but I’ve been ignoring Enron thinking it would go away. I jusf found it very interesting that the senators are feigning surprise at Mr. Lay not testifying.

“Mr. Lay has a story to tell and we and the American people would like to hear that story,” Sen. Byron Dorgan said. The North Dakota Democrat is a member of the Senate Commerce Committee.

<sarcasm>Yeah, Mr. Lay, tell us this story that is going to put you in prison for the next twenty years.</sarcasm> And people criticize Ronald Reagan because he came into politics after a succesful acting career. At least he had a union card. Sheesh!

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