Scores of Bodies Strewn at Site of Crematory

Bizarre news has always been a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s the same side of me showing through that loves the old carney sideshows. Sometimes the bizarre becomes disturbing, especially when it strikes within 40 miles of my home.

I worked in a hospital for a few years back in the early eighties. During that time I developed a fairly irreverent attitude toward bodies and body parts. It was necessary due to the type of work I was doing but I also was able to maintain a facade of respect around family and friends of our patients, both dead and alive. I wasn’t uncaring, I just couldn’t allow myself to feel toward those I didn’t know. Too much tragedy occurs in a hospital. Too care too much can lead to madness.

Perhaps that is what happened to the Marshes. It doesn’t excuse their not doing their job or fulfilling their obligations but maybe it can explain how someone could be so callous as to just leave the bodies laying around.

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