Towboat pictures are offline.

About those towboat pictures that I referred to earlier. They disappeared and I was wondering why. I found the email address to the fellow who posted them and asked about them. It seems what I suspected was correct:

Justin, The two sites involved drew 85,000 visitors in about 2 1/2 days. I’m stuck with over $3,000.00 in over limit bills from my server owner (Rapidsite). This has become a nightmare. I’m disabled and this money will have to come out of our life savings. I only sent the site to a few friends (now ex-friends) who sent to everyone in the whole world. I’ve never heard of such a thing happening. Needless to say, the sites no longer exist.

I did find out a lot about the incident though. The boat is the MV Cahaba owned by Warrior and Gulf Navigation of Mobile, AL. The pictures were taken by an amateur photgrapher named Barger. This happened in April, 1979 at Demopolis, AL on the Warrior River. Nobody was seriously injured and the boat continued to it’s destination with the barges. To my knowledge, the boat is still in service. The bridge has since been replaced.


I’m working with Ray to maybe get the page back online. I’d also like to see if there isn’t something that I can do to help him with the unexpected bill.

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