Beans and big business land N.J. farmer in court

I really have no problem with Monsanto busting folks that knowingly violate the terms of sale or terms of their contract. If I sign something it is my responsiblity to check it out first and then stand by my word. However, if there is a question as to whether or not a customer has understood that agreement and the customer agrees to a settlement I can’t see the upside of taking the person to court. I’m sure if Monsanto wants to make an example out of someone they are going to be able to find someone who is really being an ass over settling. This fellow doesn’t sound like an ass.

Gary Woodend, a Medford lawyer whom Good contacted, said that they had offered to hand over Good’s entire 2001 crop, but that Monsanto had said no. The company asked for $175,000, Woodend said, then $125,000.

Woodend doesn’t believe Monsanto wanted to settle.

What’s Monsanto going to do with $50,000? They are going to spend that much on legal fees persuing this matter.

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