BurningBird gets political

In an unusual posting, Shelley, my favorite BurningBird, gets political. She voices a lot of the same concerns that I’ve got. Are we going to far in trying to root our terrorism? In her comments on the post Tom weighs in from Australia to give us some insight as to how the administrations posturing is concerning the rest of the world. Yeah, that bothers me too. I want to make sure that we do everything required to prevent anything like 9-11 from occuring again but not one bit more. I’m concerned that there are several bits being taken that are not required.

Still, Tom, one thing that you mentioned makes me realize how little the outside world really understands the politics within the US. You stated, “Sad fact is that Bush&Co ain’t listening to anyone ‘out there’; but they might – just _might_ – listen to an aware American public. If not… well, that neat bit of vote-fixing by the Supreme Court may cost us all the world – literally…”

I guess this means that you are assuming that Vice President Al Gore would not be saying exactly the same thing. I’m afraind what is being said is being driven by poll data more than anything else. Al Gore is from my home state. Al Gore was my Senator, just as his father was my Senator. Al Gore would be saying the same thing.

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