Brent Marsh Faces Over 100 New Charges

Brent Marsh, the fellow that ran the Tri-State Crematory, is facing 120 more charges of theft by deception after having a $100,000 bond set for him Tuesday morning. It seems that the prosecutors are trickling in the charges to ensure that Mr. Marsh remains in jail for as long as possible prior to his trial regardless of what bail is set.

Now, I’ve got no doubts that Marsh is absolutely guilty of these charges, some things are just that cut and dry, and when he is found guilty by a court of law I hope he serves his sentences consecutively, this has been an unbelievable hardship on more people than can be imagined, but this seems to me to be skirting the intent of the 8th amendment. Doesn’t it?

Bail is not meant to punish, it is meant to ensure that a person appears in court. The judge in this case estimated the cost it would take to prevent Mr. Marsh from fleeing at $25,000 the first time around and at $100,000 the second time. The judge had to know, from all reports that additional charges would be filed and that this thing was only going to get worse and worse. If the judge thought that Mr. Marsh was in any way a flight risk he should have denied bond. Those amendments are there for a reason.

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