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My son plays inline hockey. I’ve been helping with the organization of their league. There are a couple of graphic designers that are also helping in the effort. I’ve found that there is a huge difference between having an artistic eye and having the technical knowledge to turn it into a webpage. There are a ton of things I would like to do with the website that would make it work well but would render it impossible for anyone else in the league to maintain. With my looming departure from Chattanooga that sort of limits me to sticking with what can be easily maintained by a couple of good graphic designers who don’t know beans about HTML other than how to use Frontpage or Pagemill.

Here’s two things I want to accomplish:

  1. Make it easy to update the news by the appropriate board members.
  2. Manage and maintain game stats online for the league

I’ve accomplished number one by using Blogger. I’m coming to y’all with the second one for ideas. Yeah, I can use PHP/MySQL to handle this fairly easily but I need to do it in a way that I can step away from it in a few months and allow the league to continue using and maintaining it without total reliance on me. Is there a solution out there for me or am I going to have to roll this one myself?

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