Google Search: TVA, Sequoyah, and Chickamauga Lock and Dam

I was playing around with the “Google It!” feature I added to my journal a couple of weeks ago and clicked on my entry for TVA, Sequoyah, and Chickamauga Lock and Dam which I journaled a few days ago. I wasn’t in the results but had ‘blogged my entry and had snagged the first entry in Google on it. My entry that Mark is referring to isn’t even listed. Mark’s page rank is a 6 compared to my 5 so that explains why he would be ranked ahead of me but why wasn’t my entry listed?

Google has consistently given me better search results than any other search engine out there. I still use the others when I’m doing some real serious searching but the results have told me to use Google whenever a quick lookup is all I’m needing. This tells me that on intensive research I still need to dig through results from other search engines. Google can miss things.

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