A Nation Online – What? No digital divide?

Remember a couple of years ago when everyone was up in arms over the “Digital Divide?” Well, it seems their worries were for naught. A couple of points of note in the Executive Summary of the report are:

  • The rate of growth of Internet use in the United States is currently two million new Internet users per month.
  • More than half of the nation is now online. In September 2001, 143 million Americans (about 54 percent of the population) were using the Internet an increase of 26 million in 13 months. In September 2001, 174 million people (or 66 percent of the population) in the United States used computers.

The report goes on to tell that this growth in usage spans all income levels. It appears that we could possibly have looked back at the growth of television to have predicted this outcome. In the beginning technology is always going to be adopted by the rich first but as the technology matures and the economy of scale kicks in important technologies become available to all groups that desire it.

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