Google removes anti-Scientology Site over DMCA threat was removed from Google based on a DMCA notification from the cult of Scientology. It seems the webmaster received a letter from Google explaining the matter. There are a number of specific links on the website that are at issue. I’m debating whether or not to list those links here.

For years I’ve been troubled by reports of Scientology’s handling of critics. From everything I’ve read, these folks are ruthless and not an organization I could ever cozy up to. If what has leaked out about them can be believed I just sit in wonder as to how they continue to amass followers. I have toyed with picking up a copy of Dianetics just to learn about the organization but then the stories I’ve heard about them are so fantastic that I’ve become disinclined to waste the time reading it.

Still I’m also disinclined to become a critic of theirs. First, because they really mean nothing to me but, second, because I’ve heard of their ruthless legal tactics and I’m really not in a situation to fight the good fight against such a well prepared and well funded opponent. I still wonder, though, why do people fall for their BS?

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