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Well, I put my house on the market last night. The move is becoming more and more real every day. I know a lot of the people reading this are probably thinking, “so he’s moving, what’s the deal?” For a lot of people there isn’t a deal with that. With me I’m leaving a town that I’ve lived in for the past 45 out of 47 years of my life and moving to a town that I’ve recently said that I would never want to live in. The house I just put on the market is one that I just moved into 16 months ago because it was about as close as it gets to our dream house.

I guess I need to explain why we are moving. My wife is a claims manager for casualty claims with a national insurance company. The company has had a local claims office here in Chattanooga for the past twenty-five years. They are closing it. She was offered a position in the Atlanta area. My job doesn’t necessitate me living in Chattanooga as long as I’m within driving distance of my customers. The Atlanta area is within driving distance of my customers and living there actually offers my company some advantages in developing business in and around the Atlanta area.

By June I should be relocated. I’m waiting for school to be out for the summer before leaving. I have two sons that want to finish out the year here. The oldest will turn 18 in May and still has one more year of high school to complete. He says he’s staying. I guess the summer will tell. Signing those papers last night was hard.

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