Daily Archives: Wednesday, 05-Feb-2003

Boycott proposed over Georgia flag vote

The new govenor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue, ran on a platform with one of the planks being a referendum on the state flag. Roy Barnes, the old govenor, pushed through a change in the Georgia flag back in 2001. The change was made to get rid of the old Confederate battle emblem that adorned a major portion of the flag. While this made a lot of Georgians happy it also made a lot of Georgians madder than hell over the way they saw it being pushed through without any say from the general populace.

Now there is talk of a non-binding referendum to change the flag back or keep the flag as it currently is with the Legislature making the final decision. Gov. Sonny Perdue is pushing for this referendum in order to sort of fulfill his campaign pledge, a non-binding referendum not being exactly what his supporters had in mind but close enough to call it a promise kept. If there is a referendum the Rev. Joseph Lowery, president emeritus of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, is ready to call for a boycott of the referendum in order to make the results of the vote unclear and reduce pressure on the Legislature to make a change.

I’m disappointed in Rev. Lowery’s lack of faith in Georgian’s to do the right thing. I’ve talked to a few people around here and from what I can tell the referendum might be close but I believe it would result in keeping the current flag. If that is what happens then this whole mess is settled. Of course it its settled then that removes one more soapbox and some folks just don’t like not having a soapbox to stand on.