Daily Archives: Thursday, 06-Feb-2003

It isn’t the war that bothers me.

I’ve had some very mixed feelings about the upcoming war with Iraq and I haven’t completely understood them all. I still don’t understand all of them but I’m getting a grip on more of them every day. I finally understand that it isn’t really the war that’s bothering me as much as the uncertainty I have over what’s next.

I don’t think many people will tell you that Sadam Hussein is a nice guy and a leader with the best interests of his people in mind. The man is a tyrant and a threat to the region, if not the rest of the planet. It isn’t only the US that wants Hussein to disarm. He isn’t going to do so unless he is forced, by force, to do so. That means war. We either go back to war with Iraq or allow Sadam Hussein to continue his arms build up. That’s the only two things that can happen. We are going to war.

I’ve come to grips with that. It’s going to happen and it’s probably good that it is going to happen even though in the short term this war is going to kill and maim a lot of people. I have no doubt that in the end Iraq will be defeated.

What’s bothering me is that I don’t like a lot of what could happen in the aftermath. Who’s going to fill the vacuum? There will be a stabilization period after the war where the US will more or less be in control of that country. The UN may have its name on the provisional government but it will be the US pulling the strings. How are those strings going to be pulled? That’s what’s bothering me.