First Impressions of Blosxom

I’ve had a chance to play with Blosxom for a couple of days now and I have to say I get more impressed with it the more I play. I didn’t fully comprehend the power of this little script when I first installed it but after setting up a few directories underneath my content directory I’ve got to say, “Wow! Instant categories for my log entries.” All I need to do is write the story, apply the markup and save that puppy to a dirctory for the category I want it to be placed in. Every 15 minutes cron runs Blosxom to statically create the HTML pages but it only actually writes anything when there has been a change.

It took me all of twenty minutes to implement Trackback last night and it wouldn’t have taken me that long if I had just implemented it instead of trying to hack it to add comments. I’ll get the comments added this week sometime but after about 10 minutes of fiddling I decided it was best to just get one thing working at a time.

I’m still tweaking the templates some and I want to address the current RSS setup to allow picking whatever flavor of RSS you want, from 0.91 to 3.0 but what you see right now is about what I’m going to stay with as far a looks of this site goes. I’m also interested in creating some special XML templates that might be compatible with the PHP code I wrote for Justin’s Journal. I guess we’ll see.