Linking to Amazon

Ever noticed how people just automatically link to an Amazon entry when they are discussing a book online? Why has Amazon become the de facto standard authority on books? Chris just hates this and I’ve got to say that I’m not to fond of the practice, either. I’d like to start a movement, unless you are pointing to a place to buy a particular book, why not link to a review of the book that you sort of agree with or the author’s website if one exists. Maybe even link to the publisher if it is a current book.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Amazon as well as any other bookseller on the web. I’ve personally had good service with them and their prices, while not always the lowest, are certainly resonable. My problem is that they are a retail establishment that are geared toward selling the product that most people are referencing and are not going to offer anything other than marketing hype on the book. There are other sources that should be linked to as a reference for a book. By now everyone ought to know that a book can be purchased at Amazon or Barnes & Nobles or Books-a-Million online so why not point to a true reference for the book rather than a bookseller?