Daily Archives: Monday, 17-Feb-2003

Business is good

After chasing down leads for the past two months I now have one purchase order in hand and another request for my services. Both of these jobs look like they may very well become ongoing things. Maybe things are about to shake loose.

Just noticed something with Blosxom and RSS

I was just playing around with my Blosxom templates and did a rebuild of all my static pages to implement the changes on all the pages. I’m also checking out Syndirella, and liking it pretty well for Beta software, and noticed that there were updates in my list of sites. This site was showing to be updated with no new entries as was Sam Ruby‘s. All the entries on my site were showing updated along with all of Sam Ruby‘s.

Now Sam is redoing his site with his own Python based CMS that, I believe, is based on Blosxom or at least on Blosxom’s story management. Evidently he just rebuilt his site with his new software. What strikes me is that I can not only tell when a site has updated but I can also tell when someone is diddling with their site just by watching my aggregator. Cool!

NATO reaches agreement over Iraq

Deutsche Welle is reporting that NATO has come to an agreement over defending Turkey and will begin planning for Turkey’s defenses in the event of a war with Iraq. AWACS and missle batteries are on their way.

Regardless of what one thinks of a war with Iraq this is a good thing. NATO has to be pragmatic rather than idealistic and pragmatism called for the planning of the defense of Turkey in the likely event that war does erupt. NATO has to defend its members or it has no reason to exist.