Daily Archives: Monday, 24-Feb-2003

Beta 1 Looked Good

I was able to get Blosxom 2.0 Beta 1 working without much of a hitch at all. I like the plugin archetecture that Rael has implemented. It seems to work smoothly and has already generated a number of plugins. You can see it in my /betalog directory

The Trackback_Counts plugin is the only one that has me a little troubled. The trackback ID it generates doesn’t appear to be available to Blosxom so in the RDF imbedded in each story I’ve got a slightly different trackback ID than the one the plugin is using for counts.

I attempted to install Beta 2 and evidently I’ve got something wrong. It won’t generate the static files. I’ll work on that some tonight, I guess. I’ve got to leave to go out of town tomorrow morning and I don’t know how long I’ll be away.