Pasta Pot Pro Review

My wife got me a Pasta Pot Pro a couple of weeks ago. It’s one of those kitchen gadgets that you see on TV that’s suppose to save you all sorts of time and aggrevation in the kitchen. Actually, the design isn’t a total flop with this thing. It does do a decent job of draining the liquid off of non-delicate items like spaghetti or potatoes or carrots but delicate or stuffed pastas are torn up when you try draining through the lid.

The biggest problem with the Pasta Pot Pro is that it’s flimsy. The pot is made out of a real thin aluminum so the lid doesn’t go onto the pot very easily. While I’m cooking I don’t like the aggrevation of my tools not working smoothly. It’s especially aggrevating when the tool is a hot pot that you can’t get lid on properly. I’ve burned my fingers a few times already.

Now, for $20 this really isn’t all that bad of a pot, about what you’d expect to pay for cheap cookware, but if you are at all serious about cooking don’t waste your money on this thing. It is only going to be aggrevation.