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Beta Software In a Production Environment

Okay, I know you aren’t suppose to do this but I don’t have a huge amount of traffic and I’m not making any money with this weblog so I thought, “What the heck.” I’m now using Blosxom 2.0 beta 3 to generate this site. The betas had been working real smoothly and some of the features the plugins offered I wanted right here. Someone please give the comments a whirl and lets see if I have any unresolved issues. A trackback ping would also be very helpful.

Cell Phone Ban in Hospitals May Be Unnecessary

I’ve had my cell phone setting on my computer desk when I’ve received a call on numerous occassions. I can always tell when the phone is about to ring because I get interference over my computer speakers a moment before it rings. It seems that the interferenc only occurs when my phone is within a few feet of the computer and when it rings. I don’t notice any interference while I’m talking on the phone or when I dial out on the phone.

Because of this I know that my phone can interfere with electronic equipment…. within a close range. Still I have thought that the bans on cell phones in hospitals has been a little too stringent and was not that much of a problem. My feelings appear to have been on target. Some studies are suggesting that the concerns are unfounded.

…. US studies have shown handsets carried by paramedics and porters cause significantly more interference, said Dr Saul Myerson, John Radcliffe Infirmary Researchers from Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital and St George’s Medical School in London.

The above is something that I’ve always wondered, why are walkie-talkies less of a risk? It seems that they aren’t, they are more of a risk. I’ve got to assume that most of the bans taking place on cell phones in certain areas are based more on a prejudice against people walking around talking on cell phones that the real problems caused by the phone itself.