Force Without Force

Now, I understand that things don’t always come through exactly the way they are said when translated from one language to another, still this news report caused me to chortle:

French President Jacques Chirac said on Monday he was opposed to any United Nations resolution that would allow the use of force against Iraq, adding that inspections were still the best way to force Iraq to disarm.

“We are opposed to any resolution which would authorise, in one way or another, the use of force,” Chirac told a news conference in Algiers during a three-day tour of France’s North African ex-colony.

(emphasis added)

I’ll pass on my cynical side right now and concede that France is not concerned with the loss of tens of billions of dollars in oil contracts if there is a regime change in Iraq and is only concerned with the loss of life and human suffering should military force be used against Iraq. I can’t help but wonder, though, how you force someone like Hussein without force in one way or another?