Daily Archives: Tuesday, 04-Mar-2003

FBI Mistaken For Terrorist

One of the side effects of the public being more aware of suspicious activities is that undercover law enforcement practices are awfully suspicious to an aware public. The FBI learned this in Bloomington, Illinois. People started noticing their Cessna 182 buzzing around keeping an eye on things. I wonder how many stakeouts have been foiled by he enhanced awareness of the public? Most likely, not many.

CSS Layouts Can Suck At Times.

Like the layout changes I’ve made? I made them because I didn’t like the way the sidebar got in the way of non-CSS aware browsers. Some of my best friends still use Lynx I figured I ought to move things around some so they wouldn’t have to scroll as far to see the new content. It looks pretty good in IE6 for Windows and Opera 7 for Windows. It sucks in Mozilla 1.2b.

I’ve been using CSS for my layouts for over two years now. I thought I had gotten adequatly competent in it so that these problems would stop occurring. You’d think after a couple of years that the browsers would render a standard in a, well, a standard manner. I don’t have time for this crap!

Oops, sorry about that outburst. I just get fed up with some things. As I understand it, I should be making Mozilla look right and then work around the idiosyncracies of IE and Opera. Why can’t I just put out one design and it work on all browsers. It’s been over two years already!

Okay, okay, I’m calm again. <sigh> Please excuse the mess around here, I have other things to do and I’ll get it straightened out as I can. Thank you for your indulgence.