CSS Layouts Can Suck At Times.

Like the layout changes I’ve made? I made them because I didn’t like the way the sidebar got in the way of non-CSS aware browsers. Some of my best friends still use Lynx I figured I ought to move things around some so they wouldn’t have to scroll as far to see the new content. It looks pretty good in IE6 for Windows and Opera 7 for Windows. It sucks in Mozilla 1.2b.

I’ve been using CSS for my layouts for over two years now. I thought I had gotten adequatly competent in it so that these problems would stop occurring. You’d think after a couple of years that the browsers would render a standard in a, well, a standard manner. I don’t have time for this crap!

Oops, sorry about that outburst. I just get fed up with some things. As I understand it, I should be making Mozilla look right and then work around the idiosyncracies of IE and Opera. Why can’t I just put out one design and it work on all browsers. It’s been over two years already!

Okay, okay, I’m calm again. <sigh> Please excuse the mess around here, I have other things to do and I’ll get it straightened out as I can. Thank you for your indulgence.