Daily Archives: Wednesday, 05-Mar-2003

Man With a Quill

One thing I missed when moving from my old site to this site was the logo I was using over there. It’s just a little graphic that I found on a free clip-art website but something about that little line drawing made me feel comfortable. I thought it sort of caught the spirit of someone just chronicling what they saw and that was what I wanted to do.

I originally thought I’d find a new little graphic to incorporate in this site but nothing has struck my fancy. I realized that I still want my focus to be about the same on this site as I was doing in the past, I just want to do it as me, not as a psuedonym. With that I brought “Man With a Quill” over here to act as my logo just as it did in the past. I may change my mind on this but for now he’s here for a while.

Medical Exam or Sexual Assault

Crazy things happen in DeKalb County, Georgia. There may be hundreds of men there who don’t know they were sexually assaulted. It seems that a free lance medical examiner for some life insurance companies decided that it would be fun to go beyond the call of duty and do pelvic and rectal exams during routine medical exams. Drawing some blood, taking blood pressure readings and asking questions was all he was suppose to be doing.

This just illustrates how important it is to ask questions about what a medical exam is going to encompasse before the exam starts and also in checking credentials.

For those of you unfamiliar with Georgia, DeKalb County sets next to Fulton County and the two counties essentially share Atlanta. DeKalb County is also where the outgoing sheriff was convicted of having the incoming sheriff assasinated.