Daily Archives: Thursday, 06-Mar-2003

Healthy Cooking

Gerri got the lab results back from a physical she took earlier this week. Every thing was fine except her cholesterol. Her Cholesterol wasn’t fine at all. The doctor has her on medication to get it under control but there is going to be a change in diet around this house.

The troublesome part of this is that since I’ve been working from home I’ve taken on the duties of cooking most of our meals. I really enjoy doing this and I’ve had fun experimenting with recipes I’ve found and some of my own making. Perhaps I got a little too much into some of the more cholesterol rising foods? The guilt here is getting to me.

The guilt comes into play in more ways than one. I’m one of those people that can lay around, eat fried foods, never paying any attention to fat intake and my cholesterol level remains around 160. I could stand to lose around thirty pounds and I need to exercise more. Gerri goes to the gym regularly, tries to eat a healthy diet (when I’m not feeding her one of my dishes) and is generally concious of what she puts in her body. She ends up being the one with the high cholesterol.

So, I’m looking for recipes. If you have any recipes for a low-cholesterol diet I would appreciate you sharing them with me. I intend to share at least one recipe a week on this site with other folks. I’m also looking for ideas for what to replace my typical southern breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, gravy, biscuits and grits with. All suggestions will be welcome.