Daily Archives: Friday, 07-Mar-2003

Metamucil, Soy and Cholesterol.

Considering what I told y’all yesterday, I may have to look into this vegetarian diet. This will be difficult since Gerri and I both really enjoy meat dishes. I think I can find a substitute for the Metamucil, though.

Breast Implants Indicator of Suicide Risk?

Dutch and Swedish researchers think that women who seek breast enlargement surgery may be “extremely vulnerable psychologically” and are three times more likely to commit sucide than women not seeking the surgery. They came to this by studying 3,521 Swedish women who had had cosmetic breast implants between 1965-93. There was a 44 percent higher number of deaths in this group than would statistically been expected. The difference seems to come from suicides.

Now the researchers aren’t suggesting that the implants cause women to commit suicide, rather thay are saying that the women who seek breast augmentation may be doing so to try to solve some other deep-seated problem.

I’ve often wondered what drove the people who go the body modification route, whether its piercing, tattooing, radical body building or plastic surgery, to go to the extents they do to put their body in a specific form. I can understand pierced ears and small tattos, staying slim and trim with some muscle definition or plastic surgery to correct noticable abnormalities what I don’t understand is the radical body alterations. I’ve got no problem with people doing it, I just have never understood the motivation.