Breaking It In

Back last December I was laid off from the company that I was working for. They closed their Atlanta office six months after I had accepted a position with them. The previous company I was with I had worked for for fifteen years. I’ve had a laptop computer provided for me by my employers for the past eight years. I’d gotten very use to portable computing and I’ve been looking for a laptop since I was laid off.

After being laid off I partnered up with a fellow employee that had started work on the same day that I had to form a company. My partner is also a winemaker with a licensed winery that he operates on the weekends. He gave me a case of his wine right after we formed our partnership. He makes some good wine but with this batch he had some problems with his filters and the bottles are continuing to work. Most of the case is gone now and when opened some of them have a slight amount of carbonation to them. Reports have come in of some corks popping from some of his customers.

I finally found the laptop that would both suit my needs and my budget so I bought it today. It’s a Compaq Presario 2100 with a DVD/CDRW. It came with Windows XP Home which I’m not too happy with, I’d have rather it had XP Pro or 2000 Pro, but I can fix that. I’ve got a legitimate copy of 2000 Pro that I can load onto it if XP Home isn’t robust enough. Everything else is exactly what I was looking for.

While I was cooking today I was trying out the DVD player on this laptop. I sat it over next to my wine rack so I could watch it while I was making dinner. Suddenly I heard a pop. Yeap, you guessed it. One of Jahn’s bottles of wine popped its cork and about half of it managed to fly out on my counter and splash up on my new laptop. Fortunately it was just a little and nothing was hurt but I guess I can say that now my new laptop has been christened.