Goodbye Meigs

If you’ve ever played with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator you are familiar with Meigs Field. This was the GA airport on Chicago’s lakefront that is featured in that software package as the default location. It’s also the only way you’ll ever take-off or land at that airport again. Meigs field is now closed.

Just before midnight Sunday, backhoes and large trucks trundled into the airport and began carving large X’s into the runway. Chicago police barred access to the site while the work took place. Daley said the covert action was done to avoid delays and lawsuits by critics who have long fought to keep the airport open.

Chicago’s Mayor Daley has been trying to close this airport for years in order to open up a park and recreation facility for the good people of Chicago. It seems that a legacy is something that the good mayor is after. Regardless of the reasons, this was a terrible end to a great GA airport.