Daily Archives: Thursday, 17-Apr-2003

Spring Fever Has Me In It’s Clutches

It’s been a beautiful week here in Lawrenceville. The sky has been clear and the temperature range has been from the mid-60s in the morning to just touching the 80s in the afternoon. Working from home has been less than productive so far this week but, oh, so enjoyable. My wireless network has at least allowed me to get some work done as I’ve been sucking in the sunshine on the patio. My mid-day lunch break has streched from an hour to two and a half hours as I walk down by the lake and through my neighborhood.

Channings Lake

After Gerri got home from work this afternoon we took my canoe out on the lake for a relaxing little trip around the lake. There is a family of beavers living there and I was looking for their den. We didn’t find it but we did find a goose that was very protective of it’s nest. We weren’t aware that we were anywhere near the nest until this big gander came flying up over us looking like it was coming into the canoe to do some damage. I waved my paddle at it in just as menacing a fashion until he decided to give us the opportunity to leave.

This has gotten me thinking about summer coming up and the pool opening and how I’d like to have the option of working while sitting at poolside at our community pool. This pool is just across the street from my house so I decided tonight to see if I had the range on my wirless LAN to connect from our pool. I need about twenty more feet.

I’m using a Belkan wirless router in my house. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the cheapest way to boost the range on this thing? Maybe I can mount it outside of the window in my office. My office window looks out on this pool. Would a glass window attenuate the signal enough to reduce the coverage radius by twenty feet? I’ll try again tomorrow with the window open.