Daily Archives: Wednesday, 23-Apr-2003

Open Source Supports Terrorism

It seems that not only does your use of illicit drugs support terrorism but also your contributions to open source software enables terrorist states. This is about to become as cliché as “for the children.”

Oops: It appears that I have spoke too soon. Evidently someone on the POSSE project was enough of an anti-war activist to make DARPA suspicious of possible security breaches in the project. Why throw all that money into a security project when one or more of the contibutors my have a good bit of motivation to install some backdoors?

More On the Georgia State Flag

In the next to the last day in the Georgia state legislature the Georgia Senate voted to approve a new, temporary state flag and set things up for Georgians to vote to possibly return to the post-1956 state flag that included the Confederate Battle flag in the design. However, due to a typo in the bill sent to the senate from the house the new flag would be a foot longer than any other state flag and fixing the typo is causing the bill to go back before the house with only one day left in the legislative session to vote on it. Black Democrats in the house have promised a filibuster to block the bill from being passed.

When this started out I had just moved to Georgia and I thought a referendum would be a good way to settle this flag controversy once and for all. Under the origianl proposal I figured that we’d end up keeping the flag we currently have and reject the old "states rights" flag that Roy Barnes managed to get rid of. This isn’t turning out that way. It appears that the way the referendum is being set up, with the choices being offered and the way they are being offered, the odds are stacked in favor of the "state’s rights" flag.

With the way I’m seeing this thing play out I’m glad that the referendum may get sunk with a filibuster. If Georgia goes back to the old "state’s rights" flag we are going to lose a lot of money that could be coming into the state. Atlanta depends heavily on convention dollars and if we go backwards to that old controversial flag a lot of those dollars are just going to disappear. It isn’t worth it.