Single Referendum May Decide Flag

Proposed Georgia Flag

It looks like it might boil down to a single referendum and the choice of the old "state’s rights" flag won’t be among the choices. The flag to the left is most likely going to be voted on, up or down. If the new flag is approved by the legislature it will be raised immediately with an up or down referendum following it. If the flag wins it remains our state flag, if it loses then we were suppose to have another referendum between the "state’s rights" flag and the pre-1956 flag. If this goes through the way the Democrats want it to then that second referendum will not be had.

The First Flag of the Confederacy

One thing I’d like to bring to attention. You might know it if you are from the South or have spent any time in the South or maybe not, but the new flag design draws heavily on the First Flag of the Confederacy (seen at the right), sometimes referred to as the "Stars and Bars". The "Rebel" flag that made up a part of the old "states rights" flag is often erroneously referred to as the "Stars and Bars" but it’s actual nickname is the "Southern Cross" and was never actually flown by the Confederacy in the exact form that we see it today. It’s an adaptation of the regimental battle flag of the Army of North Virginia. This flag was incorporated into the canton of the Second and Third flags of the Confederacy.

From a historic perspective the new flag will be a more fitting tribute to Georgia’s Confederate heritage than the "states rights" flag. I don’t believe any of Georgia’s armies adopted any form of the Southern Cross as their regimental flag so I never understood the cry of “heritage” as a reason to keep the old "states rights" flag. I hope this new proposal passes tomorrow and we can get this whole thing behind us.