Daily Archives: Friday, 09-May-2003

Rigging the Market?

Eric Kiel, just out blue gifted me 220 shares of stock in his ‘blog. I don’t know Eric, had never even heard of him before this gift and had never read his ‘blog, cigarettes and coffee. It appears that Eric has a plan. He split the share in his ‘blog 150/1 which drove the price of it down to nothing but gave him a whole bunch of shares. Now he has a whole bunch of shares to give away and still keep a bunch for himself.

Giving the shares away puts him in the pop stock list which is a place people go to find what stocks they might want to buy and you get on that list by having a bunch of owners. A pop in the demand means a rise in the stock price, but it doesn’t stop there. In return for the gift of the stock Eric is asking for a link to his ‘blog. The more incoming links the more the outgoing links are worth so the value of the stock rises again. Let’s see what happens.