Daily Archives: Monday, 12-May-2003

Poetry, RDF and Finding Things

Shelley is working on a little project that may have ramifications far outside of the intended target of her project. She’s looking for a way to locate metaphors in poetry that relate to a specific theme. At first glance I thought, “Hey, this is kind of neat.” Then I looked at how what she is doing could be applied outside of poetry and metaphors. This could possibly be the key to the intelligent agents that I’ve been looking for if she is successful with the project.

Now, what I’m talking about may have been obvious to the folks that know more about RDF than I do, I still haven’t gotten a grasp of how RDF is suppose to work, but to me I’m seeing ways that I can search for conceptual types of stuff and finding things relating to a common concept but perhaps not related closely enough for a plain old keyword search to work. This would be a wonderful way to pull together resources from a multitude of resources that relate only on some abstract conceptual level.

Another thing that excites me about this is the possibility that maybe some of what Shelley develops could be incorporated into RSS feeds somehow. Think of an RSS aggregator that grouped items according to concepts. Items that normally couldn’t possibly be automatically sorted using current methods could be grouped together.

A bunch of ideas of what could be done are floating around in my head. I suppose that’s enough of a reason for me to go get a grasp of what RDF is and what it is capable of doing. There’s just too many interesting technologies out there for me to know as much about all of them as I’d like.