Daily Archives: Sunday, 18-May-2003

Stupid Packaging Ideas

Gerri just got back from the store with a little battery powered trimmer/razor. This thing was packaged in one of those clear plastic packages that is welded shut. Let me give you my remonstrance for this type of packaging. The only way to get into this package is with a knife or scissors so it basically means that you don’t use what you buy until you get home.

I don’t like being restricted like this. At the least its an inconvenience, at the worst it means that the whole purpose behind purchasing it is negated by the fact that it can’t be immediately used. Luckily I’ve generally carried a pocket knife with me since I was a kid and I’ve had something to open the packaging with but with the paranoia society has with people carrying knives these days that’s becoming less and less of an option. This is especially true when you’re traveling by air.

I don’t understand the continued usage of this style of packaging. Surely the manufacturer understands that this aggrevation at getting the packaging open can’t leave the consumer to being in a mood conducive to a positive first impression of the product. I know it makes packing and shipping of their product a piece of cake but look at the cost. I avoid purchasing things packaged like this any time there is an alternative.