Liberal Talk Radio Next Big Thing?

Thom Hartman believes that we are seeing the waning of right wing talk radio and the dawn of progressive or liberal talk radio. I hope he’s right but while a pompous right wing talker is entertaining a pompous right wing talker just leaves me flat. I have yet to hear a left wing talker who didn’t try imitating the same attitude of the right wing talkers. It works with conservatives but not with the liberals.

He does seem to have a point, though. He points to Clear Channel’s Gabe Hobbs who says that liberal talk radio has to stand on its own. In the past liberal talk radio has been sandwiched in between conservative talk radio shows. The audience for the two shows aren’t the same. He says a talk radio station has to either go conservative or go liberal, doing otherwise would be like mixing country with urban. At any rate, with it looking like Clear Channel committing to all-liberal/all-day formatting with their stations facing competition from conservative talk radio stations in their market maybe we’ll see if liberal talk radio can fly.