Microsofts Licenses Unix

Earlier today when I read about Microsoft entering into a licensing agreement with SCO Unix I didn’t know what to make of it. While their claim was that they were doing so in order to be able to work on interoperation with Unix systems without the fear of violationg SCO’s IP that didn’t quite wash with me. The timing of this just seemed too coincidental with SCO’s warning letters to industry over the use of Linux and their lawsuit with IBM.

This afternoon I came across this article by Bruce Perens that made me slap my forehead and say, “Of course.” SCO Group is a failing company who is being used by Microsoft to push their message of Open Source being a threat to IP rights. I don’t know that SCO is being paid off by Microsoft to do what they are doing but I’m sure Microsoft is using this licensing agreement more as a way of promoting their message than they are seeing it as something necessary to provide interoperability.

I really get tired of all this drama in the industry at times. I don’t mind a company keeping their source closed and requiring restrictive licensing to use it I just wish they would accept that other companies and individuals have the right to license their works in what way they see best suits them. I also get tired of hearing the Open Source crowd bash Microsoft. Maybe one of these days a company can be judged just by the software it delivers and not on their gamesmanship.