NeuroCranial Restructuring

If a doctor tells you he can relieve all of these problems:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism
  • Attention Deficit Disorder, dyslexia, hyperactivity and other learning disabilities
  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Concussion and other head injuries
  • Depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Dystonia
  • Ear infection and deafness
  • Glaucoma, double vision and other vision problems
  • Headaches, head pressure, migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Low energy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
  • Muscle spasms, neck and shoulder pain
  • Organ functioning
  • Orthodontic stress and bruxism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Parkinson’s disease and tremors
  • Phobias
  • Poor concentration and focus
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Sciatica, kyphosis (hunchback), lordosis (swayback), scoliosis (spiral spine), military spine & other back problems
  • Seizures
  • Sinusitis, sleep apnea, snoring, other breathing and sinus disorders
  • Strokes
  • Tinnitus
  • TMD, TMJ (mouth, head and jaw pains)
  • Vertigo and other balance problems
  • Whiplash Syndrome
  • Wrinkles (NCR replaces a face lift)

by shoving a balloon up your nose and inflating it I think there is more than just a little reason to get a second opinion.


36 thoughts on “NeuroCranial Restructuring

  1. Todd


    I will blog one last time here. I would be willing to attend surgery with a surgery patient. I would be willing to speak with the doctor, discuss the pros and cons at length, pursue research and listen to others who have had the procedure, and discuss further with all involved EVEN if it was UNorhodox surgery.

    You have no willingness to do the same. You are stuck in an intellectual mindset which leaves the experience required to be had by others instead of you.

    My intent here is that you give my encouragement to you to discover more about health and life a broader range in your life than just what you can conjure up with your thoughts – or others have concluded, not concluded, thus far.

    Disclosure: I have no financial ties to NCR.

    If you turn towards curiosity, email me.


  2. Larry D. Burton

    Todd, the only people telling me that NCR is safe and effective are those people who stand to gain financially from me accepting that NCR is safe and effective. No unbiased opinion or study is offered, just a trust me from the snake oil salesman offering the procedure. Don’t you find that just a little bit troubling?

    As far as the abdominal surgery you mentioned, I had abdominal surgery last year. I was operated on for five hours. I will put myself in the hands of competent people who offer services that have been deemed as accepted treatment by scientists and doctors who are qualified to make that determination and have no vested interest in me getting the procedure.

    But you have missed the whole point of my original article. It wasn’t that I couldn’t believe that sticking a balloon up someone’s nose and inflating it couldn’t be an accepted treatment for some ailment. It was that I found it incredible that someone would claim that it could be an effective treatment for *all* of the maladies that Dr. Howell claims. I’m especially skeptical that NCR can be an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, Down’s Syndrome, Osteoporosis and Wrinkles.

    1. Barb

      I’ve had 2 series of NCR and it helped me tremendously the first time and not much the second time (different doctors). I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and told one of my clients about this treatment (I was working with her 3yr old daughter who has Down Syndrome). She had her daughter get a series of NCR (4 tx’s on consecutive days). The difference in her daughter was immediate and quite evident. She had significant improvement in her balance, muscle tone and vestibular reactivity (prior to NCR she was extremely hyper-reactive to movement and afterwards not at all). Her language also improved. I believe the NCR decompressed the structures around her vestibular/auditory systems which would explain all the improvement I saw. I moved away shortly after this so I don’t know what long-term improvement was obtained or if she had any more treatments. In no way to I believe that NCR was going to cure this child of Down Syndrome….that would be ridiculous since it isn’t going to change her chromosomes. But, it definitely relieved some of the adverse consequences of the cranial distortions. I’ve also referred many children to cranial osteopaths and have seen miraculous results – particularly in the very young children. It would take too long to go into the myriad of problems I’ve seen improve or get better once cranial distortions/compression are addressed. It is fine to be skeptical and I agree that it would be nice to see some good research in this area. But, the lack of such research does not prove that such techniques are without merit. To discount anecdotal accounts is like saying you can’t believe anything you see and everything must be proven by the scientific method. That’s ridiculous. I don’t know of any double-blind placebo controlled studies that say it is safer to jump out of an airplane with a parachute vs without one but I know of anecdotal reports that would strongly suggest this is so.

  3. Todd


    You assist me greatly in making my point.

    My point is that you have an opinion based on nothing therefore in offering it you most certainly reveal yourself as closed off.

    You are indeed a man who is shut down. Shoving something up any part of you is likely not something anyone is wanting to do to you, it’s an irrational and irrelevant fear that you are exposing.

    I wrote for others, not for you because you are shut down. You expose yourself as such. Anal is the word used in common vernacular.

    The truth is when doctors perform medical procedures, there is a lot that they do that is not only intense but often unnecessary – yet standard practice. An abdominal surgery often means moving intestines out of the way. Surgeons and staff routinely toss them out of the way and then later toss them back into the abdominal cavity, and I mean toss. Let yourself imagine from there other “orthodox” practices that may not be something anyone would subject themselves to by choice.

    Yes, NCR can cause a moment of pain and certainly some pressure, a bit like treating a dislocated shoulder however it can be just as necessary to relieve pain and dysfunction and it has benefits far beyond what relocating a shoulder can do because of the anatomical location of the treatment.

    To get out of your narrow field of vision, go on a “field” trip with an NCR patient. As an option, I would not refuse your attendance when I go in for a “tune up”.

    In any event stop your whining and waiting for some self acknowleded fallible humans called scientists to hand you safety and efficacy on a purported infallible platter.

    Life, healing, avd vitality is far beyond the limits of your opinions. Engage and invest in it and leave the armchair behind.


  4. Larry D. Burton

    Todd, I don’t want your story. I’m giving my opinion here and no, I won’t have NCR because I see no clinical studies telling me it is safe and effective. I’m still skeptical that NCR has any therapeutic value for treating anything, much less something like Down’s Syndrome or Sciatica, kyphosis (hunchback), lordosis (swayback), scoliosis (spiral spine), military spine & other back problems.

    If you feel comfortable with someone stuffing a balloon up your nose and blowing it up have at it. I just see no use in doing so.

  5. Todd


    I think thou dost protest too much.

    First of all, get a series of NCR treatments yourself before commenting about NCR. Always be willing to put yourself through whatever it is you have strong feelings towards, positive or negative.

    Nearly all of us can benefit from cranial manipulation, including you. If you fear the treatment, so what. The vast majority of testimonials and reported outcomes indicate that most patients fair well, having neutral to very good outcomes.

    I’m more than just a little suspicious of you and your motives because 1. You have no anecdotal stories to relate, and 2. You refer to Stephen Barrett, MD, who like you, is completely unwilling to explore first hand the alternative medicine he disparages or at the least document his own hands on research, and who has not directly performed ANY honest investigation, even in terms of anecdotal. Of note: He always skews testimonials towards 1-2 negative outcomes as you are doing in your blog.

    I won’t offer you my own many and incredible stories of recovery with cutting edge, alt/medicine because you have not done what it takes to comprehend value from all but what is within your small box of limited ways of deciphering true healing, specifically healing that is due to beneficial medicine that first does little to no harm.

    I have many personal stories, including an NCR story. Until you perform your own personal research in NCR, etc.  you won’t get my story, either in terms of understanding it or my offering it to you.


  6. Harvey Myers

    Larry, I read through recent entries, and felt I could address some of the issues that have been raised, so here goes. I do appreciate your honest posting of everyone’s story, which is turning your blog into an honest source of information.

    About anecdotal stores, I would venture to guess that many of the greatest discoveries of all time started with someone following up on an anecdotal story. Just because they are anecdotal doesn’t make them automatically false. The really good thing about your blog is that it’s brought up many issues that ought to be considered by people before they make a choice. I’ve given considerable thought to since my success with NCR which actually is not very widely accepted, but I hope it will be tested and proven effective, for I believe it can uniquely treat some of the explosive related injuries that our vets are surely going to suffer in future years. Some of those may involve cranial distortion which is nearly impossible to detect, but against which I believe NCR is remarkably effective. Your own blog seems to have a much higher ratio of positive accounts than negative accounts.
    About the list of conditions that Dr. Howell claims NCR helps, when I first found NCR I found that a little daunting, but then reading through I found it more of an attempt to suggest how NCR might improve a condition rather than stating that it cures anything.

    About scientific research, I hope that some meaningful analysis can be published about NCR. The hard part of that is, it’s hard to define a group to analyze or a control group when the symptoms that people who are helped by NCR have are so varied. My condition is very complex and I haven’t yet found another person with matching symptoms, yet, 4 people have taken my advice on NCR, 3 have been dramatically improved, one saw a non-certified doctor who did NCR his own way and had a difficult outcome.

    That leads to my opinion on those that swear NCR was so damaging. I don’t doubt them, but I do wonder if the doctor they saw was certified and practiced NCR in the prescribed method. Sadly, it seems in the realm of naturopathic and chiropractic medicine, some practitioners go off their own way. Even in western medicine, every heart surgery doesn’t work out. People die from heart surgery, and some physicians are better than others, yet surgical procedures like that are in widespread use and usually work out to the patients benefit.

    NCR addresses issues that are sometimes addressed with orthopedic surgeries. I submit that a much higher percentage of these surgeries result in bad outcomes, so NCR makes sense if it can correct an orthopedic problem without surgery. This of course concerns the business of orthopedic surgeons and their opinions, therefore, are often biased.

    Finally, about my own, admittedly anecdotal story, the changes that I experienced were all after long period of consistent and unchanging symptoms. I was in severe pain from 1994 to 2006 every single minute of every single day. I survived on morphine for 9 of those years. I got off the morphine and re-acquainted with the worst of my symptoms before finding NCR. The 1st NCR series was so dramatic in the way it relieved the pain that I never again in the subsequent 6 years took a single dose of opioid pain medication. I simply didn’t need it, still don’t., I’ve rebuilt my life from scratch in the past 5-6 years. It’s an amazing journey for me.

    After that first NCR, I went 9 months, struggling with my ability to conceive and work in computer programming and with a much lower level of constant pain. My 2nd NCR series provided overnight cognitive improvement, and pain reduction, and the only way that makes sense in the details of the improvement was that NCR actually reduced pressure on my brain from my distorted skull. My 3rd series, also after a period of months improved the level of my symptoms that had been consistent, again, for months.

    About your comment that “my research into this has me believing that people are more apt to suffer a fractured septum from this procedure than find any relief” . I would challenge the details of your research. I suggest that you trace back the sources of those stories. I found several stories about that too when I first researched NCR, but ultimately what I concluded was a bunch of Spine Surgery Sites all linked to the VERY SAME STORY. I’ve only found that one story online about a fractured septum. One single case of a fractured septum against many successful procedures doesn’t equal “More apt to suffer a fractured septum” any more than a death from heart surgery invalidates that procedure.

    My research, cases of fractured septum online via Google: That same single case in 1998 referred to in a story in 2003. I just did a cursory search for more cases, and am unable to find more. I must question your research, did that one single case lead to that conclusion?

    Thank you for allowing me to argue my point.

  7. Mary Lee

    I’m curious as to how frequently a rare instance of septum damage may occur in conjunction with previous septum /cranial surgery since that seems to be a situation where NCR may be contraindicated.

  8. Larry D. Burton

    Kathie, I’m glad your son found relief, however, my research into this has me believing that people are more apt to suffer a fractured septum from this procedure than find any relief. There are still no clinical studies pointing to NCR being an effective treatment for any malady but plenty of reports of a fractured septum resulting from the procedure.

    1. Brent

      I am sorry, but after reading just the stories on your blog, and the results I have seen on myself and others, you are just being skeptical and combative for the sake of being skeptical and combative. I actually sense that you feel threatened by this treatment.

      I had 3 sessions of NCR two 3 years ago. After the first series, my Scoliosis straightened out 75%. After the second, it was 90% straight. My breathing improved, my eyesight improved, my bite improved, my whole body changed,over a 3 month period of time more than any other doctor had been able to do in 10 years.

      People like me, who have been suffering for sometimes decades, do not need your clinical studies, and double bind placebo stuff to know that NCR, and other alternative treatments are real, our bodies and results speak for themselves.

      Please get out of the dinosaur scientific mindset, and open yourself to new possibilities in health and healing. Instead of looking at information and statistics for proof, look right in front of your face at the hundreds of people who have been helped with this treatment.

      1. Karina Pedersen

        Hi Brent!

        Is it possible to get your email? I have scoliosis too and I’m interested in trying NCR. Wich doctor did you see? What other pains did you have before treatment?
        I hope you get this message:)


    2. Derek Howell

      In my 32 years of experience with this work there have been zero fractured bones and zero complaints of anything happening to the septum (the septum is made up of cartilage anyways). I’m not trying to prove you incompetent but owning a website dedicated to something you obviously know nothing about is ridiculous. If you were anything but honest you would actually do some research into it yourself and experience it first hand. At that point I might actually be interested in something you have to say.

  9. Kathie

    Your doctor must not have known what he was doing. As in many cases, the Doctor was incompetent! I have a son who suffers from a injury from childhood that has compromised his health completely. His digestive system, Gluten intolerance to the degree of heart palpitations, depression, fatigue, joint dislocations and on and on. My son was on a full scholarship in college and had to take medical leave because his medical problems escalated when he was on his own in college and his body no longer able to absorb nutrition and he was deteriorating. My son had gotten to the point of wanting to die. Basically he was diagnosed with CFS, Chronic Fatigue…this is just a made up name from Dr’s who don’t know what it is and want to hand you meds to cover up the problem instead of fixing it. My son being extremely intelligent did not believe in covering up symptoms. He would say “Mom why take depression medicine, I am just covering up what is going wrong in my body” He hates meds so He researched and researched to find a way to help. He first found a product called Digesticure, this was a very helpful product to help his digestive system because it helps to repair the damage so you can absorb nutrition again but but it only helped him so much and he wanted to find out “Why is my digestive system breaking down??” besides that he still had twists in his spine, joint problems, ect. He found NCR and researched for the BEST Dr on the east coast which was Dr Arrandt in Miami, he studied under Dr Howell and is the Dr that Harvey in this blog writes about. My son’s first appointment was 2 hours long and consisted in Xrays to check his spine and Sphenoid bone which was locked and effecting his pituitary gland (look up the gland, you will not believe what it controls…pretty much everything in your body! He basically did not have one because of the sphenoid bone crushing this pea size gland. Long story short, He has has one treatment (4 days/sessions in a row) last week and we are amazed! It has changed his life, bodily functions are starting back. He felt the best after his 3rd treatment. He says something happened that released tension that he has had for all his life…building. It makes sense, his bone was locked up due to a bad accident and it was squishing his Pituitary Gland… totally makes sense. He can sleep better, has more and more hope from his daily changes toward health. His depression and fatigue are less everyday. I do believe that there are terrible Dr’s out there that don’t know what they are doing. Obvious since he did not do a 2 hour work up on you and left you there like that. The procedure is intricate, the position of your head and your body is important. The Xrays showing which way to go is important….it almost sounds as though you had a Dr that popped you the wrong way, causing damage. I know you are skeptical but I would contact Dr Arrandt or Howell and have your sphenoid checked by them, it may change your life as it has my son!
    Believe me…this Mom and Son are so grateful for NCR!!!

  10. Shane

    John, in sorry that you went to a Dr that treated you like most Western Medicine has done for years. There is a Dr. McCarty in Fort Worth, Texas that does an amazing job just explaining the process and any issues involved. I’ve been through 4 treatments and I was on the brink of making a terrible decision in ending my life because of the agony I was in. This has saved my life in a literal since. If you are still having issues give him a call, he will gladly give you an hour of his time.

  11. John-NYC

    DANGER-DON’T DO IT. Suffering 40 years from a blocked right nostril from sports injuries I decided to try Dr Howell’s NCR. Upon seeing the release form sent 1 day prior to treatment and after my $310 non refundable deposit was received I had serious misgivings. But all of those testimonials and the good Dr seemed very sincere.

    After 5 or 10 minutes of weird muscular skeleton manipulations the balloon was inserted into my good nostril. It was inflated and BOOM. It was like a firecracker went off inside of my head. I was quickly ushered off the table and told how stable I was and the DR disappeared off to the next victim.

    I was in a state of shock and dazed I made it back downtown. I stopped payment on the check I wrote under shock. My bite was off and I was clenching terribly. After a poor sleep I awoke dazed and weak. I shuffled around all day, My cervical spine seized and I had a knot the size of a baseball in my rhomboid area,

    The second morning, today I was even in more distress. Llightheaded, pinched. I called my genius accupuncturist who made a house called and released many of the spasms in my neck, back and occipital region,

    I definitely suffered a mild concussion.
    I tried reaching the DR and his son/assistant called back and said I needed more treatments. Like I would do that again. I am yet out of the woods. I will probably have to spend a thousand dollars on treatments the next few weeks to undo the savage harm done to my body. DON’T DO IT

  12. Anonymous

    I would just like to say that I actually received a series of NCR sessions and they IMMEDIATELY had an impact on me. However, not a positive impact. I dont know why this happened, but within minutes of getting the treatment, my heart rate dropped from 70 beats a minute to 30 beats a minute and stayed this way for 24 hours straight. I was extremely tired, and took almost a full 48 hours to recover before my heart rate recovered. I would never get the procedure done again. Google NCR and you will find the SAME before and after photos over and over. These are the same photos that have been posted for years. This is surely not evidence but where are all the new cases of before and after photos?? Why wont those performing NCR have a full double blind placebo controlled study done to prove or disprove its effectiveness? I personally believe it’s because they know wholeheartedly that they will not get the results they are hoping to achieve. And by the way, to those responding here, a double blind placebo controlled study is COMPLETELY possible on this treatment modality. Until that is done, I would not get another treatment done (I only did it once. How dumb!!) and would certainly not recommend it to anyone. Not even as a last resort. Not having these scientific tests done is simply a way for those involved to keep the mystery going, say that the rest of us are ill informed, and dont know what we are talking about. They will continue to sucker people in with bogus and anecdotal “testimonials” and a series of about 5 or 6 before and after photos that they have been using since day one. It’s a sham!

    1. Derek Howell

      I would certainly look into your issue with Bradycardia before you blame NCR. There are many reasons why your heart rate can drop and NCR isn’t one of them. There have been studies ran about this treatment which have been deemed to good to be true. Since NCR is not a medical, dental, chiropractic, oriental, osteopathic or massage treatment there are no journals to post them to anyways. If you believe that any of those modalities can help than you have an equal shot of believing that your structure can be corrected through **accumulative** treatments of NCR.

  13. Larry D. Burton

    Harvey, I understand what you are saying but there are no scientific studies to point to that will tell me that NCR has any value at all. I’m happy as can be that you are no longer in pain. I can not dispute your assertion that NCR is the reason for your recovery, yet that is still anecdotal and in no way assures me or anyone else that they will see similar results.

  14. Harvey Myers

    Larry, I appreciate that you have reopened this log. The problem with documenting this in any way other than anecdotal is that people are so different, and there are so many variables, and, like in my case, the actual condition I suffered was poorly documented and poorly understood by a total now of some 2 dozen different ‘regular’ doctors.

    The most persuasive evidence I have requires some thought on the part of the reader. I can show you how the VA sent me morphine by FEDX every month for 6 years. I was on opioid therapy for a total of 9 years of the total 12 years I was in severe, nonstop, intractable chronic pain. The other documentation would have to be of my life. For all my years up until age 38, I had a great and building career. My income increased every year as did my professional expertise. Then, all of a sudden at age 38, my career, life, income and activities ceased to improve and fell over a precipice. If you looked at those kinds of records, you’d see something more common for a crack addict, except, there was no crack. In fact, the fall only slowed when the medical system began to treat me with medication that is often abused. I never abused it. I always took it as prescribed, and it restored a level of quality of life for many years. The lesser of 2 evils, pain being the worst.

    I had had a bad 1 story fall where I struck my head twice in 93. My pain didn’t really start then, it was a mysterious start after a weekend of rowing caused spasms that literally moved bone out of place and locked it there. No one every figured that out. Finally at age 50, a series of events led me to discover the existence of NCR. It sounded appropriate for me.

    Once again, the only way to prove this would be a study of my life and times. I do have the records of years of morphine prescriptions. And the fact that they stopped and I stopped needing them and stopped begging for help from doctors are the evidence of the level of improvement that I’ve had because of NCR.
    I’ve had 3 NCR series. The first one improved my vision and resolved pain in my lower spine on the very first single day. That has lasted now just a month shy of 5 years. The 3rd day of that 1st series ended the crippling pain that had destroyed my life for 12 years. After the pain was lifted, I tried to resume computer programming and found myself unable to progress. Several months later I had another NCR series which reduced pressure on my head, on the frontal lobe and directly, immedialy was able to accomplish thinking at a level that had been suppressed by my injury. A 3rd series many months later brought further improvement.

    Since 2006, I have resumed that life interrupted. It’s been hard work, but I now perform regularly as a musician AND am back on the leading edge of computer programming. It’s been a 17 year ordeal since it started. If you were to just examine lifestyle, activity, and many other non-medical records, you would be able to see this clearly, but that’s never looked at. It’s only MRI’s and X-Rays and those doctors completely missed the damage I suffered.
    A quick note about some of the other NCR comments. I feel that the pages on conditions on the main NCR site are often misunderstood. If one reads each individual page about a particular condition, Dr. Howell doesn’t claim to cure, he explains if and how one might possibly benefit or not from NCR in that condition.
    I do believe that since NCR is not well know, some practicitioners that are not good at it have not done right by their patients. I know of one who had a terrible time because her doctor did it in a very unusual way, all to one side. She did not use a certified NCR doctor. But that alone shouldn’t discredit the power of the procedure. People die in heart surgery and still there are hundreds of heart surgeries done every day.

    Had NCR been on my list of options, say 5 years earlier, the level of destruction of my life would have been much less, those last 5 years were pure hell. Today, I’m in my 5th year of recovery thanks solely to NCR and Dr. Arrandt in Miami.

    Thank you for allowing me to post my story.
    Harvey Myers

  15. Larry D. Burton

    It seems I’ve been called out by a website for discontinuing comments on this subject. Contrary to changing my tune, as that website claims, I am just as skeptical of those claims as I was the day I wrote that post.

    So, I’ll open comments back up, but you better be able to back up your claims with more than just anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of this treatment. I still don’t see how cramming a balloon up someone’s nose and inflating it is ever going to treat osteoporosis or change the functioning of organs. I can’t see it treating phobias, only creating new ones of someone sticking balloons up your nose.

  16. Larry D. Burton

    Today is September 9, 2006. It has been three years and almost four months since I wrote the above posts. Since then the website I was referring to has been updated and no longer lists the long list of afflictions that NCR will cure.

    I never stated that NCR was a useless procedure. I don’t know enough about it to say what it will or what it won’t cure or treat. My post only meant to imply that I’m skeptical of anything being a cure all for a list as long as the above list. I’m still skeptical.

    Still, I receive hits daily referred from one search engine or another on searches for NCR. I would much rather these people refer to Dr. Stephen Barrett than me when looking for people who are wary of this procedure. But he doesn’t allow comments. I don’t think I want to any more, either.

    Thanks for all the replies but this subject is closed.

  17. Cranial Osteopathic Reseach

    There is actually a lot of science backing Cranial Osteopathy. For instance:

    Osteopathy Means Fewer Ear Infections
    A study published in Arch Pediatrics in 2003 showed that children with recurrent middle ear infections, who received Osteopathic manipulation, had fewer ear infections, needed less surgery (to place tubes), and had more normal hearing studies (tympanograms) than children who did not. “No adverse reactions were reported” in the study.

    The article concluded that: “The results of this study suggest a potential benefit of osteopathic manipulative treatment as adjuvant [in addition to routine pediatric care] therapy in children with recurrent AOM [acute otitis media]; it may prevent or decrease surgical intervention or antibiotic overuse.”

    Osteopathy Means Fewer Drugs and Fewer Expenses to Back Pain Sufferers
    A study in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1999 compared Osteopathic spinal manipulation with standard care for patients with low back pain. The “osteopathic-treatment group required significantly less medication (analgesics, antiinflammatory agents, and muscle relaxants) and used less physical therapy.” The “differences in cost were significant.”

    This article concludes that: “Given the known and potentially serious adverse effects and costs or nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug therapy, the achievement of equal outcomes in regard to pain relief, function, and satisfaction, with less use of medication and physical therapy, suggests an important benefit of osteopathic manipulative treatment; this type of treatment deserves careful examination through a formal cost-benefit analysis.”

    Osteopathic Treatment Results in Positive Gains in Children With Spastic Cerebral Palsy
    A study published in the journal of Clinical Pediatrics in 2004 compared parental perceptions of 23 children, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, who were treated by osteopathic manipulation as compared to 19 children who were not (the control group). Over a twenty-four week course of therapy, “twenty-one of the 23 parents of the children in the osteopathic group reported improvement in their child during the course of the therapies.”

  18. Larry D. Burton

    Patricia, I posted that right at three years ago. Since then the website has changed an no longer lists the entire list of syptoms I list above as being curable by NCR. Had the site stated that sinus problems could be cured by NCR I wouldn’t have had any reason at all to doubt it. I would have even gone as far as accepting that it could have a positive effect on ear infections and muscle spasms. What I have a problem with is the length and breadth of the list. It just sounds too incredible to me. After I started getting the comments I’ve gotten on this post I looked into some studies concerning NCR. They don’t give it very high marks.

  19. Patricia

    When we were teenagers, my sisters were in a car accident that left one of them with a lot of headaches and a large bump on her forehead. For three years my mother took her to physicians and naturopaths without any successful resolution of her problems. She heard of Dr. Howell from a friend and got my sister one four-day session of NCR. After the treatment the bump on her forehead was gone, she didn’t have a headache for three years and has not had a sinus infection since (10 years have passed). These are obviously just the results that my sister had, but I think that any therapy that provides those type results is one that deserves a bit less sarcasm and a bit more research on the part of those who are searching for something to help them with a health problem.

  20. Pat

    Larry, You’ra ll wet on NCR. NCR eliminated a liflong problem being badly hunched over and this fixed it and my back is now fine AFTER 39 YEARS OF SUFFERING! Could you do this? Don’t make me laugh. Good thing I didn’t listen to you!

    Dr. Dean Howell in Wasington State deserves Nobel Prize consideration.

  21. Larry

    Pardon my skepticisim but if you have had hundreds of these treatments that infers that you have had at least 200 treatments. That means that you would have been having to have been receiving at least two treatments a month for the past eight years, or a treatment a week for the past four years. I don’t know that I would call that “overcoming” the chronic pain. Also, I don’t know that I could find 100 people that even know what NCR is, much less have had the treatment. I’m not saying that you are pulling my leg or anything, just that I find claims like these to be incredible.

    1. Derek Howell

      Each series of NCR consists of 4 appointments. Most days involve one single insertion but sometimes 2-3 insertions are necessary to stabilize the client. So it would be easy to assume that 200x could mean 20-25 series. A series can be repeated as often as monthly. So we’re talking like 2 years of treatment. Sorry but you need to expand your circle of friends as you probably don’t actually know 100 people anyways much less that many people who have been treated. We hear how incredible this treatment is daily so we don’t need to hear it from you. When you finally open up to it there will be a line at the door of every practitioner for you to stand in.

  22. Yvonne Wright

    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I have had hundreds of NCR treatments and overcome chronic pain that I’ve had for 30 years. I know of over 100 people who will agree with me that NCR can be credited with the lessening and finally total alleviation of their symptoms. When being treated by a practitioner trained by Dr. Howell and who follows the procedure taught by Dr. Howell, there has never been an incidence of harm. A person must be willing to heal, however, or any treatment is a waste of time. I am very grateful for the gift of health that I have received from NCR. My life has improved dramatically in countles ways.

  23. Larry

    Chad, I’ve not seen the first scientific study give any credibility to these claims outside of William Sutherland in the 1930s and John Upledger here lately. I’m not even sure those can be deemed scientific studies. In fact Steve Hartman and James Norton have recommended that craniosacral therapy be “removed from the curricula of colleges f osteopathic medicine and from osteopathic licensing examinations.” In fact JC Ferre, C Chevalier, JP Lumineau and JY Barbin of Centre Nantais d’Etude et de Recherches Biophysiques have concluded that:

    After having outlined the theories of cranial osteopathy (SUTHERLAND, KARNI, UPLEDGER, and, more recently, CLAUZADE and DARRAILLANS), the authors refute the latter point by point. “Primary respiration” is in fact a way of thinking, and the various bones making up the calvaria and base of the skull, which are solidly synostosed in the adult, are clearly incapable of the pretended rhythmic displacements “described” by the osteopaths.

    Now, I’m a layman and this post was originally written by me because I’m very skeptical, as everyone should be, of claims like the one I wrote about. Since that time I’ve received a number of emails from people telling me how neurocranial restructuring has helped them so I’ve looked into the matter some more. Perhaps it did help these people and perhaps they were getting better in the first place, I don’t know. What I do know is that from the research I’ve read those claims made by the chiropractors and osteopaths practicing this procedure have no scientific basis for their claims.

    1. Derek Howell

      Blame the science not the treatment. When science catches up to this newly discovered treatment you will have all the proof you need. Until then you will be in the dark as to what our bodies electrical systems can do.

  24. Chad Hagans

    When you characterize the treatment as “shoving a balloon up your nose and inflating it, you’re bound to attract detractors of the treatment. By contrast, if you characterize it as “optimizing the function of the craniosacral system,” you might attract some interest. The reason all of these symptoms and syndromes can be addressed through the treatment is because the functioning of the craniosacral system is the keystone of human health, and many symptoms and syndromes are at least obliquely (if not directly) related to this function. Optimize the keystone of human health, and you’ve changed the body significantly.


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