Bizarre ID

Imagine yourself driving your two children to a doctor’s office for an appointment. Imagine seeing a dozen police officers rushing through stopped traffic with guns drawn and finding out you were the one they were after. Now on top of all of this imagine these police officers claiming you are a French fugitive, Nadine Tretiakoff, who is guilty of kidnapping her children from her ex-spouse, seeing your children driven off in one car while you are taken and thrown in jail, no one believing you or caring that you have a passport, birth certificate and work record stating that you were not this French fugitive. Imagine after four days you meet this supposed ex-spouse in a court room where he swears that you are indeed the ex-spouse who kidnapped the kids and are thrown back in jail.

This did, indeed, occur to Nona Cason. Had it happened to me I would be more than just a little pissed and I think that’s about how Nona feels about the matter. How could it happen? Mistaken identity happens quite often but it look like the paper documentation should have been enough to have gotten Ms Cason released from jail until the court appearence.

That still doesn’t explain how her supposed ex-husband, Pierre Fourcade of France, could have misidentified her in court. His explanation for the mistake is that he hadn’t seen this ex-wife in six years and the authorities told him this was the right woman. He said the kids were his too. Either this guy has way too much faith in his government or the fellow wasn’t an interested enough parent in the first place to know what his children looked like.

Still, Fourcade admitted that he was wrong. Kathleen Ruckman, supervising attorney in the international division of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, isn’t so quick to accept the DNA testing that proved the kids weren’t the progeny of the genius Fourcade. She said Tretiakoff could have been unfaithful during their marriage, resulting in the children having DNA that didn’t match the husband.

Ms. Ruckman, I hope you get the pants, or skirt, sued right off of you if you were in any way involved in Ms. Cason’s wrongful imprisonment.

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  1. Larry D. Burton

    Deanna, the comment you left here has been moderated. If you can convince me that the knowledge you shared of Fourcade is accurate I’ll repost it. As it stands it is libelous and I would prefer to get sued for libel due to something I said rather than something someone else said that I’ve published.


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