Dean 2004

While I’m not as unhappy with President George W. Bush as many of my peers are there are some things about this presidency that I’m still uneasy with. I like tax cuts as much as the next guy but I’m more intrigued with true government spending cuts. You know, where they spend fewer total dollars this year than they did last? I don’t like the way that I feel uncomfortable carrying my beloved pocket knives with me any more because I might find myself somewhere where they will be confiscated. I also don’t much care for the fact that visitors to this country may no longer have the same rights to due process as citizens and permanent residents of this country enjoy. So given a better alternative next year I’ll be voting for it.

Dean may become that better alternative. It’s way too early for me to jump on someone’s band wagon but I will be watching this campaign very closely. Dean may be the Democrat who doesn’t cause me to roll my eyes.

The one thing that will inform me more about Dean that most other candidates is that the Dean campaign is operating a weblog that has an RSS feed. I can sort of keep up with the campaign using SharpReader. I like that.