Daily Archives: Wednesday, 09-Jul-2003

Sudan Blames US Sanctions for Plane Crash

From Voice of America News:

The Sudanese foreign minister says Tuesday’s plane crash in Sudan, which killed at least 115 people, was the direct result of U.S. sanctions.

The claim is that since they couldn’t buy spare parts for the plane due to US sanctions against their country the airplane was unairworthy and crashed.

Bullshit! If the plane is unairworthy you don’t fly it. The sanctions may be unfair to the country or they may not, that isn’t the point. The point is that no one has a valid reason to put an airplane in the air knowing it isn’t airworthy.

Now That’s Bizarre

Via Mark Paschal, Adam Curry shows us that he has more bucks than brains.

Or maybe it’s me the one who’s clueless. I don’t see how the (not)Echo project stands to damage Mr. Curry in the least bit. RSS 2.0 will continue to be supported by aggregators for the foreseeable future. Even if it wasn’t, changing to a different feed format is trivial. I’m supporting four different formats now just because it was easy to do so. As I understand it, it should be just as trivial for Adam to do the same with Radio.