About Larry D. Burton

Professionally, I’m a factory automation designer with eighteen years experience. I work with both hardware and software design for controlling and monitoring manufacturing and packaging processes. Currently I am employed by Polytron as an engineer.

Personally I’m a native Tennesseean, born in Chattanooga, who has been married for over twenty-six years — to the same wonderful woman — with two sons, one nineteen and the other fourteen. In May of 2002 we moved from our home in Hixson, Tennessee to Lawrenceville, Georgia. My oldest son stayed behind in the Chattanooga area to try to make it on his own. I enjoy computers, flying, fishing and photography. Yes, we have a cat.

Politically I’m an independent moderate with libertarian leanings. I do not belong to any political party and have no intention of signing up with one party. I’m a firm believer in not allowing a political party affiliation influence one’s decision on voting for the person that one believes is best suited for the job.

Religiously, I’m a Methodist who feels that if you and God are getting along just fine then whatever you call yourself and how you choose to worship is just fine with me.

That’s me. If you need to know more about me just read my writings. If you have some plant floor data that you want to track as economically as possible or if you just want to chew the fat or discuss technology drop me a line at larry@dallasbay.net.