Rough Roads

Living in the Atlanta Metropolitan area I have become somewhat accustomed to traffic jams. I still don’t like them but I know to accept the things I cannot change and listen closer to the traffic reports on the radio next time.

Yesterday I left my home in Lawrenceville at midday to visit my son in Chattanooga. Traffic should have been bearable at the time I left but I hit a snag on I285 heading west toward I75. Some inconsiderate lunkheads had had an accident and that turned a twenty minute drive from I85 to I75 into an hour and fifteen minute nightmare.

I kept my cool.

After hitting I75 Nick, who is my youngest son, and I actually made good time and I was able to drop him off at his brother’s house and make it to a bank that I still do business with in Chattanooga before the 4:00 closing time. I was still in a very good mood for the visit. I was dropping Nick off to spend a week with his brother, Drew, and intended to be back on the road by 7:00PM.

That didn’t work out too well. I got back on the road at 8:30PM which should have put me back home at 10:30PM. That wasn’t to be.

Somewhere around milemarker 328 there was a pile up of eighteen-wheelers on I75 heading south. Rumors floating around on the interstate where I was parked were that it involved five of them. I sat there with my engine and lights off for over an hour. For another hour I was creeping along in 1st gear with my foot off the gas. This was awful!

I pulled into my driveway about 1:30AM this morning. There was a tree laying in the spot I normally park my truck. At that point I felt very good about being gone.