Daily Archives: Tuesday, 05-Aug-2003

Dixie Chicks Lit Up Atlanta

Gerri and I went to see the Dixie Chicks in concert at Phillips Arena last night. I’m not too good at reviewing concerts so I’ll just say that the show was extremely enjoyable. I was anxious to see how they were received after the mess Natalie stirred up several months ago. While there were some empty seats at this sold out concert those were few and I didn’t notice any catcalls at all.

A couple of things, though, that caught me a little by surprise. Right before the curtain went up the sound system began playing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” then about half-way through the show that ripped into “Truth No.2” showing a video on their media screens of people protesting and marching. They were definately speaking their minds on political issues if only in a subliminal way.

They opened the show with “Goodbye Earl” and I thought that was great. They got that song out of the way first and I could then enjoy the show without worrying about when it would pop up. I got tired of that song pretty fast a while back. They ended the show with a three song encore ending with “Sin Wagon.”

All in all it was an enjoyable concert. The dinner Gerri and I had at the Cheescake Factory just enhanced the experience.